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Hi, my name is Elaine,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. I’m here to support you to quit smoking.

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Eliane Kimber - Kensington Hypnotherapist

What some of my hypnosis clients have said... with my smoking addiction


Elaine came up in a Google search as someone who could help with my smoking addiction. 

When we met up for my hypnosis session she was so calming and easy to connect with. 

The session itself was very relaxing to the point where I actually slept most of it. Her service is worth every penny as since coming round from my hypnotherapy session – I haven’t thought about smoking once. It’s as if I have never smoked. I have no craving, no associated thoughts about it or an aversion to it. 

Magic! Thank you Elaine, you have freed me from the prison of smoking.  Jamie Summers

Jamie Summers (source: Google Reviews)

Great therapy! Recommended to all!


Thank you for your therapy session! I do not smoke during the day anymore and it has been a tremendous improvement on quitting smoking for me.

When I first did the therapy I didn’t believe at all that it would even help at all. But I did it anyway because trying was better than doing nothing. I immediately stopped smoking. The therapy really worked and it really is quite an amazing experience on a whole. I would recommend this therapy for anyone who would like to stop smoking!

ChristopheS-78 (source:

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Very glad to do the sessions with Elaine and would highly recommend it for everyone. Honestly I was scared in the beginning as I used to think that hypnosis is something creepy like in the movies but the reality is totally different. 
Such a great experience, cool and zen moments that boost your positive energy and adjust the weaknesses and gaps in the subconscious part without changing the one’s character. 
It helped me a lot to overcome difficult challenges i was facing and surprisingly with a very quick effect. 
Elaine is very caring , smooth and thorough, makes you very comfortable to speak up your mind and she’s very sincere in giving just the right boost and help you with what you need. 
Her words are very well said which makes you living a dream while the hypnosis. Will see her again every time I would need it as I fully trust she will help me be the best person I could be. Thanks Elaine xx
Nour Bassatne
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